Professional Stock Market Idea Generating Tools and why you should use them.

I am about to talk about something traders refer to as stock market idea generation tools. Its important to have as many stock market ideas to explore in order to stay ahead of the market movements. Many professionals use real-time idea generation tools to quickly identify new opportunities as they arise. There are quite a few stock market idea generating tools out there but some are not so easy to use. Listed below I go over a few tools that traders must have to generate stock market ideas in seconds.

Stock market filters are a neccessity to any trader. I’ve set some very complex filters up at Equityfeed to help me compare several stock factors that would normally take me hours. Filtering tools can often times be very simple but thats only because free services are used. Private services offer professional grade filtering that is just not found in the free tools.

Stock Alerts will probably be your best ally. Used correctly, they can be akin to a qualified wallstreet assistant. Tools to receive stock alerts are crucial in a active traders toolbox. Everything from limit alerts to stock news alerts- it’s hard to keep your eye’s on the screen all day but these tools will! I can garauntee every serious trader has incorporated stock alerts in their technique. It’s a must have if you plan to stay well informed about the market.

Trading alerts are certainly one form of alert used to identify block trades, stocks trading too high or low, special volume runs or price breakouts. These are a great tool to have in your arsenal to identify stock market ideas based off price fluctuations or valuations. Real-time alerts are the only way to go when searching for your tool, trust me on that.

Another alert that is very useful for maintaining a growing watchlist are Limit Alerts. Any kind of deviation in circumstances you specify and you are notified. Simple but effective in making sure your stock ideas and opportunities don’t get away. Finding a good stock market idea or opportunity is one thing but noteing, tracking, and remembering once an event happens is something else. Limit alerts have helped me with this immensley and has become a part of my daily trading routine.

Stock market news tools can prove to be another very useful tool in forming solid stock market idea’s. It’s important active traders, for example day traders, pay close attention to all news being released. Since this news is issued to several media outlets at once- traders need 3rd party tools and advanced filtering to identify strong events as they happen. There aren’t many services that take into account the importance of a good stock news alert tool. This hurts their customers as any trader could benifit from some of the stock news alert systems out there. It should be obvious stock market ideas stem from Company news and Press Releases, so why not take advantage of this news? Trading stock market news can be very profitable if you have a good stock news tool that scans and identifies opportunies so you can be one of the first to act. I would again suggest a stock news alert tool for active traders more than any other. If you invest twice a month it would still be worth it but stock news tools are better suited for day traders.

Hopefully you have learned something from my years of experience researching stock market tools. Idea Generating Tools have recently been receiving more attention due to their success in finding fresh stock market ideas. I have been Day Trading for 6 years and have tried many stock market idea generating tools in the past 15 years, none have been more valuable than the mentions above. It use to be difficult to think of new stock market ideas to even pursue but some tools present so many idea’s you will form strategies you never considered before. Remember there are plenty of free stock market tools out there but like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Trading platforms will typically provide professional grade access to the market and offer the high quality of advanced stock market tools.

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EquityFeed – Micro Cap Equity Feed

A Micro Cap Equity Feed & Trader’s Tool to Reap Profits.

EquityFeed is most likely the greatest kept secret in stock trading software. A solid article on EquityFeed reveals various of the undiscovered potential surrounding this unique software. This software program is intended for the stock trader who knows how to take advantage of behaviours in the stock market or is a stock news speculator.

One of the most popular functions in EquityFeed could possibly be the Full Montage Screen. This screen offers just about all the knowledge you must know concerning whatever decided on stock symbol. You can view the alerts, level two quotes, advanced charts, and much more. This display in mainly employed once a good stock has been identified from your Market View or perhaps Sector View screen and allows a stock trader to pinpoint their buy or sell trade.

I encourage you to watch one of their video demos to see for yourself! You’ll see a jaw-dropping array of tools that will keep you on top of your trade. Set up real time watch-lists that cover NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, OTC:BB, Pink Sheets and more. EquityFeed also provides Integrated Trading with TD Ameritrade. So if you have a account with TD Ameritrade you can trade from anywhere in the EquityFeed platform.

The Market View and Sector View are a entire another variety of resources to allow an investor to view the market from a 10,000 foot level and dial-in to the ground level with the click of a button. To a educated trader, this particular real-time streaming data can easily be used to select high prospective stocks that are set to move. As soon as these stocks are chosen and entered into the Full Montage screen a stock trader can enter the symbol into his/her notifications and instantly become notified of any news, filings, or promos which have been unveiled to the general public. This kind of alert method is among the essential resources to be able to keep a investor one-step ahead of the rest. 

A stock news trader will often find this software essential to generating large gains, especially when buying and selling penny stocks or microcap stocks. Prior to EquityFeed, a trader might need to visit a press release internet site manually and sort through thousands of unsorted articles and key in them into a chart in order to check the stock price. Not now. One of the most effective profit tools with EquityFeed could be the capability to only observe news on a stock which is within some sort of specified price range. Should you be a penny stock trader then this will probably become a huge time saving tool that may permit one to come across news faster, enter the ticker symbol into your full montage screen and enjoy an immediate view of advanced charts, level 2 quotes, and have the capability to generate quick decisions based off real-time data which the majority of other penny stock and microcap traders do not have.

The latest evolution of the EquityFeed platform provides its users with:
  • Timely and actionable market data through an information platform that’s rock-solid in terms of stability, accuracy and as near zero-latency as possible. EquityFeed has achieved this through an algorithmic-grade ticker plant and proprietary client-side compression technology.
  • Data that is clean and simple to use. Reducing clutter makes it easier for you to access the data you need to make trading decisions. Unlike others tools we’ve tried, EquityFeed places a strong emphasis on making their tools easy to read and interpret, the super-slick user-interface clearly reflects that.
  • TradeConnect gives TD AMERITRADE account holders the ability to trade directly through EquityFeed’s proprietary trading platform.
  • An unwavering commitment to innovation and education, with their video tutorials and weekly webinars.
Click here to check the best price for or for a complete overview of every EquityFeed function see the EquityFeed Review site.
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